Four Dimensions of Presence

Spacious Presence

Relational Presence

Grounded Presence

Transcendent Presence

Presence  Psychotherapy opens awareness to Four Dimensions of Presence and provides techniques to experience well-being, balance emotions, and heal trauma.

For Therapists

For Clients

There are two versions of Presence Psychotherapy’s ORBITS process.

One is a trauma treatment protocol that facilitates the Four Dimensions of Presence in the beginning of a session and utilizes Presence to regulate and process implicit trauma memory without spiritual bypass.

ORBITS for Everyone is a mindfulness-based self-inquiry to experience Presence, balance emotions and experience well-being.

pink flowers in tilt shift lens

Presence Psychotherapy’s ORBITS  process offer steps to experience Four Dimensions of Presence and utilize awareness to be with and transform thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Presence is  energy  we can sense in and around the body.

Each Dimension of Presence Awareness provides a unique way to balance, work with, and process difficult thoughts and feelings.

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