There is an innate force that leads us toward health.

As wonderful as life is, it is often filled with pain.  Everyone has strategies about how to deal with hurt, rejection, and disappointment.  Some of these strategies create more pain.  Somatic mindfulness based psychotherapy helps us access compassionate presence for the pain we hold inside and for the ways we have tried to deal with pain.  There are simple tools that can bring awareness to the innate wisdom that is often hidden in our busy lives. 

symptoms and struggle are invitations to pay attention


Shame, disappointment, and feeling “not enough” are common human experiences.  Overworking, substance abuse, obsessing, and chronic rage are some strategies used in our culture to try and manage these feelings.  Almost everyone has an inner critic that can judge these feelings and behaviors. Bringing curiosity and compassion to the parts of us that are  struggling create space for resolution and healing. 




Office Tour


The office  at 103 Park St. in Montclair.  

There is a parking lot adjacent to building. If you come for a scheduled session, take the side door of the parking lot and come up to the top floor.  You will find a comfortable psycho-therapy suite and waiting room.


Michelle Lepak LCSW

103 Park St

Montclair NJ 07042