There is an innate force that leads us toward health.

Difficult experience, overwhelming emotion, and troublesome thoughts can create a sense of disconnection and suffering.   You can learn how to access your innate capacity to  resolve struggles, heal trauma, overcome depression and anxiety, and to experience calmness creativity, and vitality.

symptoms and struggle are invitations to pay attention

We all have many parts to us.  Bringing mindfulness to the parts of us that are struggling creates space for resolution and healing. You can discover how to access open hearted wisdom and allow it to heal the places inside where you are suffering.

Office Tour


The office  at 103 Park St. in Montclair.  

There is a parking lot adjacent to building. If you come for a scheduled session, take the side door of the parking lot and come up to the top floor.  You will find a comfortable psycho-therapy suite and waiting room.


Michelle Lepak LCSW

103 Park St

Montclair NJ 07042