Intro to Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Become a Parts Work therapist 











 13  CEUS provided by NASW-NJ

 Learn IFS


  • Become familiar with the steps of the model
  • Appreciate your parts and your clients’ parts
  • Learn basics of how to work with parts
  • Access Self Energy in you and your clients                                                             
  • Practice IFS techniques in triads and receive guidance from certified IFS therapists 
  • Learn how to integrate IFS with your work in other models and theories
  • Learn IFS affect regulation techniques
  • Develop skills to heal attachment wounds and trauma



“Michelle has a deep understanding of this model.”

– Richard Schwartz, founder of Internal Family Systems


Course Schedule:

Do to Covid,  courses are offered virtually with break-out rooms for small group practice.

The next IFS course will be offered with presence practices beginning Sept. 11, 2020.