Intro to Internal Family Systems (IFS) course with Presence Psychotherapy Integration

16 CEs 

16 CEs IFS

 Learn IFS

  • -Name and practice the basic steps (also called flow) of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model.
  • -Identify Self and help clients access this powerful healing energy.
  • -Practice IFS techniques in triads and receive guidance from experienced IFS therapists
  • -Determine how to integrate IFS with your work in other models and theories
  • -Utilize two IFS affect regulation techniques.
  • =Identify the 4 aspects of Presence for affect regulation in trauma processing
  • Identify an IFS technique to heal attachment wounds and trauma
Presence Psychotherapy Integration

“Michelle has a deep understanding of this model.”

Richard Schwartz, founder of Internal Family Systems

Michelle is an IFS approved consultant who has received ongoing individual consultation from Richard Schwartz.

This 16 hour virtual live program for mental health professionals covers the basic theory and protocol of the IFS model.

It provides live demonstrations of the model and is unique in that it provides supported practice sessions. Techniques from Presence Psychotherapy are included to help clients more quickly access Self Energy.

In order to meet participants’ various learning styles, and to help reinforce the material presented, the IFS model with will be taught incrementally. Each step will be first presented didactically, then demonstrated with a live or video session excerpt, followed by break-out room triad groups where participants can practice what they just learned. In these interactive groups participants will have an opportunity to be a “therapist”, “client”, and “observer”. Participants are not required to work with personal material when they are the client and can present a client’s part. Practice group will be supported and guided by IFS therapists who have been selected for their striking ability to understand the model and for their warmth and Presence.

This program is geared toward mental health professionals who are beginners to IFS.

“Participant Feedback for IFS course

“Michelle is a highly skilled trainer and facilitates a safe and welcoming space to explore IFS. Emily Seligman, LMSW                                                                                 
“Highly recommend Michelle’s course in IFS. It’s hands-on learning that is immediately useful with clients.” Colleen Canyon, licensed social worker. 


“I cannot speak highly enough about Michelle Lepak regarding  IFS with Presence Integration. Michelle is one of those rare practitioner/teachers who possesses an abundance of knowledge combined with the gift of a keen intuitive sense that she integrates organically into being a highly skilled trainer/teacher. She is open, warm, present, caring, and very well organized with the content and presenting of the material as well as in the facilitating of the entire training process. Her passion for the material and the teaching of it is infectious. She creates a very caring, safe environment within which much joyful learning can take place. I will most certainly be recommending her training to friends and colleagues.” – Bob Evans Ph.D.                                              

“I attended an Internal Family Systems training course, with Presence Psychotherapy with Michelle Lepak and found her to be an incredible teacher. Presence Psychotherapy creates a safe, loving space in which to learn and heal. This program was powerful, experiential and didactic; Michelle teaching style is open, patient and supportive. Highly recommend!” ~Fiona Watson, LCSW

“I participated in Michelle’s IFS course and it exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge and wealth of information regarding the model was consistent throughout the workshop. It was an amazing group and it is a beautiful experience to see how quickly the process works. Thank you!!” – Su’don Nelson, LCSW.

IFS with Presence Integration is offered live, virtually, with break-out rooms for small group practice.