Intro to Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Become a Parts Work therapist 












 Learn IFS


  • Become familiar with the steps of the model
  • Appreciate your parts and your clients’ parts
  • Learn basics of how to work with parts
  • Access Self Energy in you and your clients                                                             
  • Practice IFS techniques in triads and receive guidance from certified IFS therapists 
  • Learn how to integrate IFS with your work in other models and theories
  • Learn IFS affect regulation techniques
  • Develop skills to heal attachment wounds and trauma



“Michelle has a deep understanding of this model.”

– Richard Schwartz, founder of Internal Family Systems


Course Schedule:

Do to Covid, the next course will be virtual with break-out rooms for small group practice.

The next IFS course will be offered as part of the 16 hour Presence Psychotherapy Professional Training beginning Sept. 11, 2020.   


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Michelle Lepak LCSW

Course Tuition: $465.



The virtual May 15th IFS course is part of the 16 hour Presence Pscyhotherapy Training.  Learn about  Presence Pscyhotherapy on the Home page.   After submitting this form, you can complete your application by sending payment. You can send a check by mail or pay with PayPal using the checkout button to the left. You do not need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal.

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