Intro to IFS with Presence Practice.: May 15, 2020- June 6, 2020

- - “This course, Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS), Approval #182303-0252, provided by Michelle Lepak LCSW, is approved for continuing education by the New Jersey Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative, which is administered by NASW-NJ. CE Approval Collaborative Approval Period: June 6, 2018 through August 31, 2020. Social workers will receive thirteen (13) clinical continuing education hours for participating in this course.”

Presence Practice Training Section A tuition: $465.
Some tuition assistance available.
7.5% of proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting families in need affected by COVID.

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Withdrawals/Refunds: Participants who wish to withdraw from the training program must do so in writing. If cancellation occurs prior to 7 days before the first day of training begins, 80% of tuition will be refunded. If cancellation occurs 3 to 7 days before the first day of training, 50% of tuition will be refunded. Participants are responsible for paying for sessions attended or missed prior to withdrawal.

Recording: By signing below you agree to not record any part of this workshop.
Because this is a professional training and not psychotherapy sessions, hippa-compliance is not required. However, because of the experiential nature of the training, we make effort to create confidentiality. We require all member to be granted admission to each virtual meeting individually. We require that member do not record any part of the training. We will limit cloud recording by initializing "end to end encryption" and limit the chance of cloud sharing, We request that members hold confidential the identifying information of other participants as long as doing so (1) does not compromise anyone’s safety, health or wellbeing, and/or (2) does not prevent the disclosure of information reported to appropriate law enforcement or regulatory authorities when legally necessary.
Participants are responsible for knowing their particular and applicable governing policies of their states and licenses when practicing or teaching Presence Psychotherapy, as well as adhere to their professional standards for confidentiality.

Purpose and Promotion: We hope that Presence Psychotherapy Training teaches Mental Health and pastoral care professionals tools and skills to help people with whom they work. When signing below, you agree to reference Presence Psychotherapy when teaching Presence Psychotherapy concepts and tools and to not teach or promote concepts in the model as your own or that of your business.

Signature Required: By signing or typing your name below you (1) take full responsibility for any personal issues that may arise in the course of this training, and 2) acknowledge that you have read and understand the policies about withdrawals/refunds,admissions, schedule, photography/recording, the Code of Conduct.