for Mental Health Professionals

Presence Psychotherapy Professional Training

In person and virtual training options for mental health professionals.

Cortes Island, a small island off of Vancouver Island, Hollyhock Leadership Center

Aug 4-9, 2024

The Omega Institute:  Rhinebeck, NY.

Sept 22-27, 2024

Presence Psychotherapy is an integrative trauma treatment model that integrates spirituality with trauma healing. Presence Awareness  as a resource for regulating affect, processing trauma experience, and healing attachment wounds.  

This 28 hour training offers didactic teaching, video demonstration, guided practice sessions in small break-out rooms, and group discussion.

Become a Presence Psychotherapist!

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Hollyhock Retreat Center







“Michelle is able to distill dense and complicated information in a succinct way that creates a shift in consciousness” – Presence Psychotherapy Group participant.

“As a therapist, Presence Psychotherapy has helped me immensely working with clients.” – NJ psychotherapist.

“The ORBITS process is amazing!  I use it all the time and I feel great!”  – Presence Class participant.

“Presence Psychotherapy has given me tools to stay calm in situations that used to overwhelm me.  I am so grateful to have learned these tools.” – Presence Psychotherapy Group Participant.

“I did some really deep trauma work and never got overwhlemed.  I was surprised how easy it is to sense Presence.  I used to meditate a lot and I never got to experience what I can now with Presence” – Presence Psychotherapy client.

“Presence Psychotherapy really helped me with my anxiety “- Presence Psychotherapy client.

“Presence Psychotherapy has made a huge difference for my clients in 12 step recovery”. – licensed psychologist.