Our mind tells us we are separate, our soul tells us we are one with the infinite.

Presence Psychotherapy offers an exciting way of understanding our minds, emotions and thoughts.  By increasing our perception of presence, transcendent oneness, which is free of fear and suffering, we have the opportunity to have dual awareness of presence and our suffering states.  This dual awareness combined with somatic inquiry from Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, and Accelerated Emotional Dynamic Psychotherapy, helps  us more easily process upsetting emotions and experience well-being.


Virtual Professional Trainings


This training for mental health professionals and pastoral care clergy provides an integration of trauma therapy with practices to increase the experience of Presence.

Multiple training options are available to accommodate trauma therapists who have already trained in some or all of the trauma models included in the larger training.

Section A:  Internal Family Systems (IFS) with presence practice integration.

Section B: Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) with presence practice integration

Section C:  Presence Psychotherapy model with full integration


Through didactic teaching, video demonstration, guided practice sessions in break-out rooms, and group discussion, participants learn how to integrate this powerful healing model into their current work.

Openness to self-exploration and to deepening of own’s own experience of Presence are pre-requisites.  

  Understanding Presence

Most of us have a sense of ourselves as a person, often in our heads, that has thoughts. feelings, sensations, separate from other people.  When we begin to perceive ourselves and the world from a broader, subtler view, new insight and awareness opens to a calm ever-present vibrant place of  oneness, where we can rest.  Presence is also the awareness of a compassionate being-ness in and around us

 Presence provides a foundation to process overwhelming feelings and difficult thoughts.

Self-Therapy Group

This 6 week group introduces participants to Presence Psychotherapy tools as a self-therapy or adjunct to existing therapy.  Powerful mindfulness practices are offered in combination with effective techniques from “Parts Work” Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Somatic Experiencing (SE).  We intuitively know that we all have different parts of us.  Sometimes are parts are in conflict with other parts of us.  Some parts have strong, sometimes, overwhelming feelings.  Some parts have protective strategies to help us feel safe.  Discover how to balance and work with internal parts to experience calmness and well-being more of the time.   Somatic Experiencing techniques help us identify where we hold emotions in the body and how to process and release them without feeling overwhelmed by them.  Learn these skills and have them them at your fingertips for the rest of your life.


“As a therapist, Presence Psychotherapy has helped me immensely working with clients.  I am able to stay more present and open and also more confident to have the skills to help people during this challenging time.” – NJ social worker

“Presence Psychotherapy really helped me with my anxiety “- Presence Psychotherapy client

“Presence Psychotherapy has made a huge difference for my clients in 12 step recovery”. – licencsed pscyhologist

“Presence Psychotherapy has given me tools to stay calm in situations that used to overwhelm me.  I am so grateful to have learned these tools.” – Presence Psychotherapy Group Participant.