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Experience the bliss of Presence

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Presence Psychotherapy

Professional Training

Train on Cortes Island

Aug 4-9, 2024 

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Train at the Omega Institute!

Become a Presence Psychotherapist!  Utilize the Four Dimensions of Presence in therapeutic work. This comprehensive trauma treatment model integrates mindfulness, somatic inquiry and relational attunement to help clients access and thoroughly process trauma.

September 22-27, 2024

Rhinebeck, NY

Presence Pscyhotherapy Techniques for IFS Therapists

IFS Conference Workshop


October 2024

More info coming soon!

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Introduction to Internal Family Systems with Experiential Practice and Presence Integration: Online for mental health professionals.

This live online 16 hour workshop covers the theory and basic protocol of the IFS model.  Didactic presentations, live demos,  and opportunities to practice steps of model in triad groups with help from supportive experienced IFS therapists.   Practice Presence awareness techniques to help facilitate regulated client processing.

16 CEUs available for NJ social workers,


Intro to Presence Psychotherapy: Free 30 minute webinar for therapists

Learn how to integrate the resource of Presence during embodied trauma processing.  Discover the ORBITS process and how it supports regulation and well-bing to support thorough trauma processing.  

Calm wisdom is accessible

It is easier than you may think to experience the calm compassion you that you really are.

“Through compassionate self-inquiry, you can heal emotional wounds and experience unconditional presence.” – Michelle

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