Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Tools for Life


Discover the ORBITS Process

Boost your sense of well-being 

Join a seven week skill-building supportive group and experience the benefit of powerful tools that  seasoned therapists and mindfulness teachers know work.


Evidenced-based tools

During each of the 7 week sessions you will learn and practice a powerful technique from Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Experiencing (SE), and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).  Each therapy technique is distilled and translated in a user friendly-form that you can use a self-therapy with issues that arise in you life.


We all have Parts

We intuitively know we have different parts of us.  Some parts try to protect us from being hurt. Other parts hold the pain and negative beliefs of unprocessed difficult experience.  Learn techniques from Internal Family Systems (Parts Work) to gently interact with and transform parts that respond in extreme ways.

Your body is wise
We are hard-wired for flight/flight/freeze to protect ourselves.  Unprocessed difficult experience can lock fight/flight/freeze patterns in our body.  Discover Somatic Experiencing techniques to release these patterns to and come into balance.
Find your Resilience

When life gets hard it can be hard to find our true resilience.  Discover AEDP techniques that quickly help find your courage and capacity, Know strenth in the places that feel broken, experience zest for life.

Experience the 4 Aspects of Presence

.The National Institute of Health reports that mindfulness decreases anxiety, depression and improves the ability to regulate emotions.

Mindfulness is the act of bringing attention to something.  Find out Presence Psychotherapy defines and faciliatates opening to the four aspects of presence – grounded presence, relational presence, spacious presence and transcendent presence.

Embark on a new mindfulness journey or deepen a practice that you already have.  During these six weeks apply tips to integrate mindfulness practice easily into your day to day life, without resistance.


Each of these 7 live, online, small group sessions, led by Michelle, begin with a mindfulness practice, followed by interactive teaching of a psychotherapy technique you can use in your daily life as a self-therapy. The technique is  offered as a guided mindfulness practice so that each participant can experience the benefit of the therapy technique privately, sharing only what feels comfortable to share with the group.  Each session ends with discussion and both individual and group support.

At the end of the seven weeks, you will have a powerful toolbox to help you with anxiety, uncertainty, relationship issues and personal struggles. You will have a greater psychological understanding of your mind, relationships and likely experience an increase in overall well-being. .

Live Life Joyously


“This group has changed my life.  I wish I knew about this sooner”.

“Michelle makes everyone feel comfotable and her teaching style makes it easy to understand the theory and techniques”.

“This group really helped with my anxiety.  I feel so much happier in my life.”