Discover the ORBITS Process

Boost your sense of well-being

Join this eight week program and experience the benefit of powerful tools that  seasoned therapists and mindfulness teachers know work!


Why I developed this Workshop


We all have tough days. Life can present challenges that throw us off balance.  I created a way to help people meditate regularly without resistance and utilize the benefit of specific mindfulness techniques to experience the Four Dimensions of Presence.  In this workshop you can learn how to utilize Presence Awareness to work with and resolve troubling thoughts and difficult feelings.   We will explore how to understand and work with anxiety, frustration, shame and guilt. Perhaps you are mostly feeling good but want support doing a regular mindfulness practice, one with integrated psychological techniques.

You can take this workshop live, and online with me and a few other people like you who will also be learning and practicing these skills.   Included in the program is a mini-session with me to help you further apply this step by step process, called ORBITS to whatever it is you are wanting help with.

Life is wonderful, but can be hard.  I created this program to help ease your load and help you experience more joy.

– Michelle

Experience the 4 Dimensions of Presence

Many studies show that mindfulness decreases anxiety and depression.  UCLA professor of interpersonal neurobiology, Dan Siegel, M.D. states that Presence, more than diet and exercise, can help us live longer.  Explore how Presence Psychotherapy can help  within a few minutes help you experience Presence.  Connect to the 4 dimensions of Presence. and discover the  joy, peace and well-being.

Proven Tools


“This group has changed my life.  I wish I knew about this sooner”.

“Michelle makes everyone feel comfortable and her teaching style makes it easy to understand the theory and techniques”.

Although I have attempted meditation for over 20 years and practiced with other teachers, I have never had such a life-changing experience. I was introduced to 4 different dimensions of presence allowing me to find the right fit. Practicing each of the ORBITS steps guided by Michelle Lepak, building on each step each week, and following through with suggested homework engrained these tools into my daily practice with lasting effects. Michelle personalized the learning with intuitive feedback. l felt I was learning from a kind, interested, knowledgeable peer rather than an untouchable expert. The small group attending class made it fun and added dimension. I have already recommended the Presence Workshop to my friends.

“This group really helped with anxiety.  I feel so much happier in my life.”

What you can expect

  • Techniques to quickly experience well-being.
  • A steps by step process you can do with yourself to work with grief, fear, frustration and uncertainty.


  •   If you like to keep things private, assurance that you are in charge of how much content you want to share in the group.
  • A daily mindfulness practice that you can do without resistance.


Each group session is 90 minutes and meets Wednesdays from 5:30-700pm.

The fee is $90 per week. 

Get ready to experience more ease and well-being!